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Quad City Safety Boots Revealed: The Right Shoes for Industrial Athletes

...because you’d never see your offensive lineman wearing ballet slippers! You won’t believe what Quad City Safety has up their sleeve. You may know Quad City Safety as the one you turn to for all your safety needs. Backed by years of experience, you know you can rely on us to provide you with the ... Read More

Do you know what your safety glasses are protecting you from?: Bacon's Safety Tip

There are two important things Bacon wants you to remember about eye safety at work: You need to wear eye protection if there is a chance for injury You need to wear the right protection! You think this is common sense, think again. You might just fall out of your seat when you hear the stats on ... Read More

Foam-Backed Eye Protection: Don’t look at the arc!

Protect your eyes from the risk of arc flash You already knew that arc flash releases hot gas and radiant energy up to 4 times the temperature of the sun, right? Let’s ponder that for a minute. When arc flash happens, the ambient temperatures can reach 35,000° Fahrenheit. And the arc blast, or ... Read More

Do your safety glasses have the right lenses for the job?: Bacon's Safety Tip

What eye protection lenses are you relying for protection? More than 700,000 U.S. workers injure their eyes on the job every year! Come on. That number is ridiculous, especially when there’s eye protection out there for virtually every task. If you aren’t sure what kind of lens you need to provide, ... Read More

Eye Protection: Are safety glasses overkill if you wear a face shield?

Do you need safety eyewear under a face shield? Robert came into work one early Monday morning, clocked in and grabbed his usual cup o’ joe and headed back to his stall. On his way there, his production manager stopped him and handed him a pair of safety glasses. He said, “This is overkill, boss. I ... Read More

How to Choose the Right Safety Eye Wear: Bacon's Safety Tip

Evaluate the risk factors and choose the right safety eye wear! Let’s talk about those eyes. Eye injuries happen on the job somewhere close to the tune of 2,000 incidents a day in the U.S. And guess what, 40% of workers who had an eye injury at work were wearing eye protection! Well, that’s just ... Read More

4 Easy Tips To Help You Fit Your Safety Eye Glasses

So the question is —does it really matter if safety glasses or goggles actually fit the person wearing them? Now take a minute and really think about. We’ll wait. Hopefully it didn’t take too long to think that one through. We are talking about the face and eyeballs here. You’re damn straight, it’s ... Read More